Crowd Power Partners

At Crowd Power Partners Co., Ltd., we offer "marketing solutions" and “language and communication solutions” to companies across the globe. For companies that are considering launching business or marketing in Japan, we can offer.

Our Strengths

・The capacity to work with over 30 languages
・Our unique network of highly skilled individuals with excellent language, IT/Web and other communication or marketing skills
・As the Japan’s top leader in the crowdsourcing business, we maintain a strong business network with leading domestic marketing partners

We can provide solutions to overseas corporations on:

・The development and marketing of products and services in the Japanese market, market research, translation, and matchmaking with potential customers and partners
・Providing information on business environment in Japan
・Expansion of services in the Japanese domestic market, along with seeking marketing partners

About our company

Japan’s Pioneer and Leader of New Business Model
We are a business consulting company which specializes in crowdsourcing. From early on, our CEO has been the frontrunner, advocator, and visionary on new business(working) models such as Crowdsourcing, Edtech, or Direct Recruiting, and has contributed in promoting awareness both among the top managements of conventional corporate giants and young entrepreneurs and leaders. The crowdsourcing information site we manage [Crowdsourcing JAPAN] has been and is most refereed website of this category in Japan.

Unique network of highly skilled individuals
Present day, we have unique human resource of our own, a network with thousands of skilled individuals who, apart from excellent language command and/or in other means of communications, are highly capable of conducting researches or supporting your Marketing activities in various ways.

Trusted Partners of Major Japanese Companies Established in 2013, we have so far we have been working with major corporate such as Dentsu, Avex, Fuji Xerox, Kadokawa, Ajinomoto, and with IT/Web companies such as VML Tokyo, Gunosy or Impress etc.

Website we manage

[Crowdsourcing JAPAN]
Crowdsourcing Japan is the only one media in Japan that specializes in crowdsourcing (established in 2013). With a focus on work shift, crowdsourcing, and sharing economies in Japan, we have continued research on unique crowdsourcing and sharing economies i foreign countries. This site provides information to Japanese business owners for inspiration of business creation.

[Your Translation Team]
"Your Translation Team" supports translation with crowdsourcing. Double-check is the standard system. Professional translators of IT, Web, Technology, and Marketing fields form a dedicated team to meet customer's requirements with high quality and quick completion.

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