Representative's Message


We support companies and individuals who take on challenges in advanced work by making full use of a new work style of crowdsourcing and procurement methods for new management resources.


Today, new business is born with Crowd's knowledge and expanded use of internet on a global scale, and the crowdsourcing industry is about to achieve explosive growth.


The crowdsourcing scheme is a weapon that enhances a company's competitiveness as a new management option rather than a traditional business conflict axis.


Now, individuals with abilities high motivations have more opportunities to work more actively than ever before. Individuals with linguistic abilities have a place to work, and if they want to improve their ability, they can learn obtain knowledge and demonstrate their ability on the Internet. It is up to the individual's will to take advantage of this environment and opportunity. Indeed, we are about to see “Where there is a will, there is a way. (the era in which individuals play an active role)”.


We have focused on the field of crowdsourcing since the company's establishment, and we have tried various efforts to achieve an age in which crowdsourcing can be used more safely.

The age of working on the Internet just started. There are many uncultivated fields, and it cannot be considered as a panacea. The tasks that companies do on a daily basis are complex, complicated and confidential, and it is also true that ordering by crowdsourcing still has high hurdles.


We try to solve problems by utilizing the new work style of crowdsourcing and the procuring management resources methods for both individuals with growing motivation and aspirations and organizations that aim to create new businesses on the Internet. We also work to create a trustable crowdsourcing environment for contractee and contractor.

Representative Nobuhiro Takai