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"Your Translation Team" supports translation with crowdsourcing. Double-check is the standard system. Professional translators of IT, Web, Technology, and Marketing fields form a dedicated team to meet customer's requirements with high quality and quick completion.

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About Translation Crowdsourcing


Crowdsourcing Industry Information Site

Crowdsourcing JAPAN (Japanese)

Crowdsourcing Japan is the only one media in Japan that specializes in crowdsourcing (established in 2013). With a focus on work shift, crowdsourcing, and sharing economies in Japan, we have continued research on unique crowdsourcing and sharing economies i foreign countries. This site provides information to Japanese business owners for inspiration of business creation.

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Overseas Desk Research

Overseas Research and Contents Marketing
Support for Overseas Media Operation

We provide full support to enhance the marketing effect of "owned media". We "visualize" the points that were not visible in the conventional owned media operation, and support the establishment and stabilization of the operation cycle.




・ Media planning

・ Concept design, competition survey, planning earnings and expenditures for operation

・ CMS selection / implementation,  writing team recruitment management

・ Work flow design, marketing automation, design, CRM management

· Internal human resources (recruitment), external partners (resident)

・ Online team: organization development with necessary measures 

・ Team building support

・ Overseas fan community development (article, review, translation)

・ Domestic marketing of foreign products (video, review)

Media Operation Support

Media Operating Support

We support new media launch, operation system development, and operation and production required for contents translation. We also create a remote team for each media, and support the operation method for each project.




・Sales support for overseas SNS in Japan

・Web marketing contents support for overseas apparel firms 

・Fintech (Fintech)・Drone

・Overseas startup media, etc.

Lecture / Collaboration

Presentation of Latest Information on Crowdsourcing

・Japan Telework Association
"Crowdsourcing Case Study" Cooperation

・"Human resources management / retention support project of local SME" (2014) 
Crowdsourcing pilot producer

・Crowdsourcing Association
Speech: The first session "Cloudsourcing overview"

・TJK "New trend of working style (2014)"
Speech: The current affairs of telework crowdsourcing which would affect organizations

・Listed on "Investigation and Research on National Use of Telework" support company, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications