Crowd Power Partners.Inc

Dear corporate clients viewing the site from abroad,

At Crowd Power Partners Co., Ltd., we offer "translation solutions" and "marketing solutions" to companies across the globe that are considering launching in Japan, marketing in Japan, and other such services. 

● Our Strengths
・The capacity to work with over 30 languages 
・Human resource network and job platform for individuals with high potential in languages, websites and other specialized interests
・Strong connections with significant domestic marketing partners

Our company has over 1,000 internet members with expertise in over 30 languages, who can comprehensively assist your company in marketing projects within the Japanese market. What distinguishes our company's members is that they receive requests of language skills and manage projects, among other features, all via the internet. These members are not limited to just Tokyo, as they work throughout all of Japan and indeed across the entire world. 

● The kind of problem areas we can resolve for overseas corporations are:
・The development and marketing of certain goods or services in the Japanese market, market research, translations and the selection of partners
・Locational development and related issues, the industrial areas influenced by development in the Japanese market
・Expansion of services in the Japanese domestic market, along with marketing partners

● About our company
We are a business consulting company which specializes in crowdsourcing. We manage Japan's top category of crowdsourcing information site [Crowdsourcing JAPAN] which obviously specializes in crowdsourcing. Adding to this, we can demonstrate translation skills and specialist knowledge, possible thanks to having a uniquely online human resources network. From early on we have been focusing our attention on new business models, such as Crowdsourcing, Edtech, or Directrecruiting, and we continue conducting research. With new business developers of large companies and service managers, and the creation and maintenance of an "individual" human resources network with a desire to learn, we can assist your company's online business launch in Japan and the forging of ties overseas. 

・Japan's top category of crowdsourcing information site management
[Crowdsourcing JAPAN]
・Multiple language translation crowdsourcing management
・Manga and illustration creators' marketing site
・Partnership network of the top level companies in Japan

● Message Please contact us if you are considering expanding marketing to Japan and are having difficulties.